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I made a dog carrier for this Ruckus Scooter. Every time I went to ride it my buddy Buster, a little Rat Terrier, would be looking at me through the gate when I left. I always take him everyplace I go so I thought I'd better build a dog carrier and take him with me. It has a bit of metal work in it is why I'm putting it on here.

I made it out of this tubing. I bought a 20' piece of 1" o.d., 14 gauge, round tubing, about .075 thick. It was 21 dollars out the door. With all the bits and pieces I had laying around, a couple of spray cans of paint. It cost about 30 dollars. I had about 13 pieces altogether.

This is how I held them down to square them up for welding.

Here's the floor of the carrier.

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